Going beyond the hype

There aren’t many areas where we’d call ourselves conservative, but marketing is one of them. In digital marketing, there is a new product or solution out there every day that promises to be a game changer. Sometimes they actually are, but usually they’re just distracting and short lived. We believe that smart marketing isn’t about tools, it’s about your core values and your proposition, in combination with the creative ways in which you communicate these.

Don’t get us wrong – to do that, you’ll need platforms (such as Google AdWords, Facebook and YouTube), tools, and an analysis of your metrics to thoroughly understand what works and what doesn’t. We know that, it’s what we do all day. But none of that is worth anything unless you have a good story to tell. That story determines everything else: which platforms you’ll use, what message you’ll craft and which target audiences to optimize for. If you have the story, we can help you get it out there.

Let us run your campaigns

Online marketing is a bit like dancing: everyone can do it (and everybody should!), but it’s also an art that can be lifted to great heights. We have set up and ran many campaigns on search (Google AdWords and Bing), YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as offline campaigns. Small details can make a big difference and this is why experience matters.

Digital marketing is an art, but it’s also a science. Even a small campaign can produce so much data it’s hard to know where to look and it’s easy to draw unjustified conclusions if you don’t fully understand your dataset. That’s why we analyze your campaigns for you and present you with clear reports, so that you know what’s going on and you are able to ask us the right questions that will help us help you move forward.

Something about our process

One detail we always stress is a proper organization and feedback loop of whatever campaign you are running. In fact, internally we never talk about campaigns – we consider each form of paid advertising an experiment from which we and our clients can learn, every single time.

Digital marketing can get unwieldly pretty fast. To contain the sprawl, campaigns we set up use strong conventions separate from the platforms and mediums you happen to use at any time. We define three equally important stages to running campaigns, which we organize in three different documents:

  • The MSD is the main strategic document. Based on our conversation with you and possibly some brainstorm and research, we think up the potential strategies that would bring the desired results. Which people do we target, on which platform, with what message?
  • After the MSD is approved, we create a PDPP; that’s the paid digital project plan in which we describe the technical implementation of the strategy outlined in the MSD.
  • Once the campaigns ran their course, we summarize the results and add our analysis in an EA, or experiment analysis. This is the cool part where we get to play with numbers, tables and charts. (We’re a bit nerdy so we love that kind of thing). Important is that we don’t give you data, but we’ll give you an actual analysis of what we learned from the experiment that will be of use for you going forward.

The best way to understand all this is to just look at some examples of work we’ve done before. If you’re curious, we’d love to go over some of our previous clients’ experiments with you, perhaps on a Skype call. Just let us know you’re interested.

Why branding is crucial in digital marketing

Why does a web development company consider branding one of its key pillars? If you have a store front or a billboard in the street that your customers pass by every day, you might get away with a suboptimal branding. Online it doesn’t really work like that. On the web, the world’s your competitor. To be successful you need to stand out. That doesn’t mean doing crazy stuff, it simply means you must be recognized and remembered for who you are.

What is good branding?

As a company or organization, you have values you wish your potential customers would recognize. If someone has a positive experience with you – for example, when they visit your site, interact with an Instagram or Facebook post, or order a product – you want this to add up to the image that they have of you. This is what good branding enables: by using a consistent visual style and a constant tone of voice, you become recognizable and, ultimately, trusted.

How we can help

Branding isn’t just about a funky logo with some supporting elements, it is about the way it all comes together. When we create a branding, or corporate identity if you like, we typically create what we call a Brand Book. In this, we document all aspects of your branding, technical and otherwise, along with a number of samples that show how it’s supposed to come to life in the real world. This allows you to envision what your branding can do for you in the long run, so that you can make the right decisions from the start. We believe branding is only worth investing in, if you are ready to apply it consistently over time.

If you’d like to know how we can help you attain a consistent look and feel, style and tone of voice, let us know. We’d love to help you build a strong brand so that your customers or supporters can instantly recognize you and recall why they liked you in the first place.