We love ColdFusion and the ColdFusion community. However, when we were looking for a provider to host our ColdFusion applications, we couldn’t really find anyone who fulfilled our needs. We decided to set up our hosting servers on Amazons’s AWS cloud, so we could integrate services like load balancers, encryption, transactional email, cloud storage and content delivery networks. Then we figured: if we do this for the applications we build for our clients, why not offer our hosting services to everyone in the ColdFusion community as well? If you want to take the hosting of your ColdFusion application to the next level, you’d really need to talk to us.


We’re very excited about everything that’s possible when running CFML applications in the cloud, so if you have any special requirements, we’d love to come up with a bespoke solution for you. We can offer you the full range of Amazon’s AWS services and we can integrate them with your ColdFusion applications in the most effective manner.


Our default high availability hosting packages are based on two or more separate servers and a load balancer. If one server goes down, the other server or servers will continue to run your application as if nothing happened, while we fix the problem. All our high availability solutions come with CDN integration to optimize delivery speed. We offer Adobe ColdFusion 9 by default, but we have Adobe ColdFusion 2016 and Lucee options available, too. We’ll monitor your application 24/7, so that we can act as soon as something is going less than swimmingly and we’ll set up an independent, external uptime monitor, so you can check for yourself if we’re doing a good job. You’ll have access to our shared database and mail servers, or we can set up independent servers for you instead.


This is our most innovative hosting solution: it gives you most of the advantages of high availability hosting, but at a much lower cost. In this scenario, you will be the proud owner of two ColdFusion instances running on two different servers with a load balancer in between. However, the resources are shared with multiple clients, significantly reducing the price. Other than that, the service is pretty much identical.


Our entry-level ColdFusion hosting offering is one that you can manage yourself through Plesk, the gold standard in hosting control packages. While we monitor our shared servers 24/7, we will not monitor your individual site. While we believe we outperform similar services by a long shot, it does mean that this type of hosting is less suitable if every minute of downtime is unacceptable for your needs. If cost is of a greater concern than a 99.5% uptime guarantee, this can be an excellent solution.